Early Assessment of Formulation Performance

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 (7:30 AM - 12:00 PM)

How Different is Similar

“Early Assessment of Formulation Performance”

Learning Objectives: 
Discover a unique strategy of adding additional arms to your FIH study to gain an Initial read into Formulation Performance.

Presented by:
Dr Daria Stypinski, BSc (Pharm), PhD, Senior Managing Principal Scientist and Market Segment Team Leader, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences

“How Different is Similar”

Learning Objectives: 
Present and discuss challenges in the early clinical assessment of BioSimilar Drugs

Presented by: 
Dr. Fred Pritchard, VP, Global Drug Development, Celerion

Who Should Attend:
Those involved in Phase I Clinical Development; Clinical Project Managers; Clinical Pharmacologists; and Science and Medical Officers

Thank You to Our Sponsor:

Celerion, an expert in Applied Translational Medicine, applies their expertise and experience to translating information gained in research discoveries, to knowledge of drug action and effect in humans to support early drug development decisions and the clinical pharmacology labeling of new medicines.

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